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Our mission is to give you the fastest and most convenient service at a great price.

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Engine Sensors

Engine sensors to keep your vehicle healthy and on the road

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Ignition Coils

Quality igitions coils that are compatible with your engine

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Transmission Control Units

Get back in control of your vehicle with our transmission control units

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Flow Meters

Air Flow meters of varied specifications compatible with your vehicle

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Engine Control Units

Engine Control Units from various vehicle manufacturers

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Other Auxillaries

Many more automotive parts to fit your vehicle repair needs

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Top notch auto-motive diagnostic services at a great price.

Board Programming

Our technicians help in ECU programming if required during replacement.


We retail quality automotive parts, both brand-new and refurbished parts.


We also run diagnostics on vehicle, all to supplement a quality buy from us.

Technical Assistance

Our technical support is top notch, referrals to expects are done when neccessary.

Fast Delivery

Deadlines are very important to our existence, we deliver in record times.


Our warantee services are some of the most flexible in the industry.

Why Kusi Control?

Kusi Control Auto Parts has been a leader in the automotive electronics business for some time now and you can expect to receive a quality tested refurbished part. At Kusi Control Auto Parts there is no middle man, we refurbish all of our products first hand so you get the FASTEST SERVICE at UNEATABLE PRICES. We carry hundreds of parts in stock, don’t waste valuable time waiting for someone to order your part. Kusi Control is registered under the company’s code (ACT 179) Ghana as a business Entity with Business Registration Number No.BN 066722012. Our mission is to give you the fastest and most convenient service at a great price.

Customer Reviews

Kusicontrol's products are very good, as a car owner, i have purchased many parts from them and they always deliver.
They provide some of the best if not the best quality second-hand engine control boards in Abossey Okia.

Kwansah Kwesi, KusiControl Customer

What i like about them is their services, their representatives are very polite and welcoming, they don't hesitate to solve any problem you have with your purchase.
They even have warantees for returning products you feel don't fit your need.

Alex Komson, KusiControl Customer